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Barrel Club

Barrel Club Membership

You have your hands in making your own batch of whiskey from start to finish. Your barrel will yield about 30 bottles per barrel after the sampling/aging time/cutting.

Members will own a 5 gallon barrel of whiskey at the distillery.  You will be required to come on a Saturday to make a batch of mash and be part of the distillation process for your barrel.
The Still puts out 15 gallons of pure 120-160 proof liquor in a 4-5 hour run.

Members would put their whiskey in the barrels the day of the run. We will store the whiskey and let them come taste from the barrel that you made. The whiskey would be bottled in 1 year from being made.

Members can extend the aging time for $25 a month for rental of space after the 1 year.

Labels for the club are custom labels that has an area on it so you can hand write in the name they choose to call the whiskey with a year and batch #.

It can be bought as a group of guys/gals or as a single member but not more than 4 people.

The Barrel would be custom stenciled with Barrel members name and our distillery name.

If the member wants to make a second batch and use his used barrel you would get a $150 discount on second batch. If you don’t want to do a second batch you get to take your barrel home after being bottled.

Membership also includes a bottle of the Limited Release Solera Whiskey only bottled in January each year which is limited to only 400 bottles a year at $68 bottle.

Membership would also include 2 free Distillery T shirts 20% off mixed drinks.   Please consume responsibly.

Cost is $1500 – paid in advance