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Texas Distilled Spirits | Schitz Creek Distillery
Call Us Today (512) 778-5990 info@schitzcreek.com

Texas Distilled Spirits

Schitz Creek Distillery provides guests with Texas Distilled Spirits. From Grain to glass every spirit we make is hand-crafted right here in Liberty Hill, Texas. And not the easy way either. The way nobody would do it if they didn’t have to. We start with local grains raised by some of the most devoted growers on the planet in the Texas High Plains. Our distillers still delivers maximum flavor and high proof in a single distillation, and barrels bring out the unique colors and flavors in each of our spirits.


Bourbon – 70% corn and 20% wheat, 5% Barley & 5% Rye. Aged in new white American oak barrels for a minimum of 2 years.


Distilled from corn 16 times.


Made from our wheat whiskey and infused with real maple syrup


Wheat – aged 1 year in used bourbon barrels.


Aged 3 years using the traditional Solera aging process.  Limited to 400 bottles a year.